Vinyl Digitisation


An important consideration for many online radio stations is how they store, maintain and manage their media. The thoroughness of your media management can have a direct impact on the quality and flexibility of your radio programming.

For stations that are manually operated, this impact is mitigated by the convenience of being in the broadcast studio and the knowledge/experience of the DJ/Presenter.

However, many stations use the advantage of online broadcasting to pre record or pre program their shows. This means that the media is played back automatically which, if done properly, requires that the media is accessible, properly indexed and (ideally) normalized directly or indirectly.

The convenience of radio automation systems is that much of this can be automatically done for you, but not when it comes to the issue of converting analogue media to digital (digitisation) and then indexing it for wider use (digitalisation). Digitisation is a manual and time consuming process that can lead to a variety of inconsistent results if not done properly. Digital versions of a great deal of analogue recordings can be sourced and uploaded to your radio station (sometimes at additional cost) but for anyone trying to convert for example, an archive of cassette tapes or vinyl – the manual process is the only way to go.

This is where our vinyl digitisation comes in. We follow a thorough process that includes

  • Vinyl restoration
  • Vinyl recording
  • Audio editing
  • Metadata conditioning (creation/optimisation/validation)
  • Normalisation (optional)

Get in touch to learn how we can help you to convert your analogue media to digital and create a library of media that will improve the quality and variety of output on your station.