Training & Education Workshops


“How can I improve the radio presence of my presenters?”

“We want to have presenters simultaneously broadcasting from remote locations. How do we make that possible?”

“Can we livestream our radio show so that we can attract viewers as well as listeners?”

“What is the best way to create a podcast for our station and how do we record and broadcast it?”

“What’s an encoder, do I need one?”

“How do I migrate my FM station to a hybrid setup with our digital radio station?”

“I invested in radio automation software but am not very confident about how to get the most from it.”

This is a small sample of some of the questions we get asked on a regular basis. There’s no two ways about it, running an online radio station takes a lot of time and effort to get right. Even fully automated stations require a lot of resources en route to being optimised. This is compounded further if computer literacy isn’t a strong point for you, your presenters and the production team.

Based on our experiences in radio we’ve come to realise just how important a good foundation of knowledge can be in assessing the best steps to grow the station. For radio stations who can’t afford to have teams of staff dedicated to one particular function, it’s important to leverage existing resources to maximise impact on moving the station forward.

For this reason, we have a ’boutique’ approach to the training we offer. Broadly speaking, this is spit into three groups.

Training – get to grips with the basics required to deliver specific skillsets within your radio station

Education – Understand what tools, technologies, industry trends and market conditions are influencing the potential of your radio station

Workshops – bring various stakeholders together to identify and tackle personalised training and development programs.