Build, test, review, improve, repeat

Trying to start an online radio station can be a tremendously rewarding and very straightforward exercise. However, in our experience – things can get very complicated, very quickly. The beauty of online radio is that the barriers to entry are lower than they have ever been. The evolution of software platforms, automation systems and cloud-based systems make it possible to start a radio station with nothing more than a laptop/desktop machine and a microphone. So how do you assess the plethora of options and the pathway best suited to your needs, budget, expertise and most importantly – your time?

Well, we have done a fair amount of research on the technologies in the market and have hands-on experience with many of the options out there. If you already have a station (whether a traditional FM station or an existing online station), we can help you piece everything together in a way that makes sense and is manageable.

If you are starting from scratch and suffering from information overload, we can help to distil things down to some simple and straightforward choices that will get you started and help you to grow the station as your needs develop.

Furthermore, we can do this in person because as per the essence of radio, human interaction and effective communication go a long way toward resolving challenges. This is embodied in the philosophy that underpins our customer-centric approach.

Get in touch to start a conversation about the possibilities.